Monet's Musings


Hey there pups! My name is Monet and I own Dr Szachacz (shh- don't tell her, she thinks its the other way around!). My predecessor Matisse used to write a blog for Mom but she is in heaven so I decided to finally take over the leash and try my paw at it. A little about me...  I am a "Teddy", a cross between a shih tzu and a bichon. I was born September 18, 2016 (a Virgo). I was a tiny puppy in an isolation kennel for sneezing when I spotted Mom.  I knew from that moment we were meant to be! It was around Thanksgiving so that's where I got the nickname Little Turkey. Fast forward to now - it took me a while to get into journalism and blogging but I want to be a trendsetter so here I am! I hope to make lots of two and four legged friends and give you some canine advice and perspective to make you go hmmmm... Or woof. Or meow. I'd like to start off with a list of things I've learned in my wise three years:


Licking electrical outlets is not as fun as it sounds.

Cats leave scent trails that I could track in the yard for hours (although Mom just really wants me to hurry up and pee or poop)

Just because toads are slow doesn't mean they taste good.

I scare the lawn guys away every week by barking very loudly. Sometimes it takes a while.

I love cherry tomatoes and greenies (and Mom, of course!)

I am the "Guardian of the Gate" when I'm with Mom at the office. Watch out!

So its nice to meet every one! This is Monet, checking out. Have a week that is full of squeak!

monet laundry

Hey friends! M-dog here (Monet) reaching out to say hello' Did you guys have that weird day where lots of people knocked on the door wearing crazy clothes? They seemed to be expecting some kind of small shiny wrapped offering... I tried to contribute a chewy toy but had no takers. Can you imagine? People are strange. Mom even dressed me up in a Gangsta dog outfit - I thought the hat was pretty fashionable. After that exciting day it was back to the old grind; chasing cats, dog naps and playing in the laundry. There's just something about the smell of clean clothes that appeals to my inner "wolf". Wolves sleep on one thousand count sheets and get cheery tomatoes as snacks too, right? In reality I'm about as close to a wolf as Mom is to a caveman. (Actually, you should see her in the morning before her coffee....) So there's my story and I'm sticking to it. Have a great one out there until next time. Hope your week is full of squeak!


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